Biweekly PD Reader #10: Knitting, Bar Graphs, Libraries, and Coffee

Hello, people!

The re: line is the answer to the question, what are 4 of Karen’s favorite things? But before we get to this, the Ampersand edition of the biweekly PD reader, here’s the obligatory stupid data viz joke:


How very existential. Or teenage profound. Or both.

But onward!

Knitting & STEM

So this article is simultaneously annoying and fascinating, especially for the MLEAPers! (And aren’t we all MLEAPers now?)

I heartily endorse connecting knitting to math/STEM, but I’m not sure how I feel about what seem to be borderline essentialist assumptions that girls can best be attracted to STEM via “girly” things like the chemistry of cosmetics, etc. And at the same time, I’m peeved that knitting is perceived as girly when, for most of its history, it’s been a male or a unisex activity. There’s nothing particularly girly about knitting to begin with. ::madface::

BUT! The article is mostly fascinating, and there are lots of good links in it, so there you go.

Horizontal & Vertical Bar Graphs

Did you know there was a rule about when to use horizontal vs. vertical bar graphs? I didn’t, but it makes sense. (FWIW, I feel like when we use bar graphs in reports, it’s generally for categorical responses, so we’re good.)

Libraries & STEM

The attached article by David Lankes is really mind-blowing, in a low-key way. It’s obviously relevant to GRG projects like Rural Gateways and NOAA PLACE, but it really did make me think differently about the role of libraries/librarians in general. Check it out!

Coffee & Birds

This isn’t exactly evaluation relevant, but I love this video about why those of us who drink coffee should be buying shade-grown coffee:

Shade-Grown Coffee and Migratory and Resident Birds

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboys and Ponygirls; stay gold.



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